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Finner Group

Specjaliści z dziedziny e-marketingu z wielką pasją i wiedzą!

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Finner Group to zespół projektantów, specjalistów od e-marketingu, programistów i administratorów.


Maj, 2020


Finner Group


Branding, UX Design


Finner Group hired us to design a simple but modern visual identity and website, the main goal of which was to provide transparency of information about what the company does and what services it offers.


As a result, we designed a logo referring to the history and customs of the company. We have also created a simple, transparent and modern website, thanks to which potential customers will be able to find what is most important to them.

“The logo and website fit perfectly into the framework of our brand”

Michał Tlalka
CEO, Finner Group

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